Sugar-Free January

What’s a birthday without a cake?

What’s Christmas without candy canes

What’s Diwali without Gulab Jamun?

In our eyes, it would be an occasion that isn’t celebrated to its fullest! In short, some of our happiest and most important festivities in life are celebrated with sugar and sweets. It’s no secret that this tongue-tickling ingredient is everywhere from a basic bread loaf to a carton of milk!  

Whilst it’s common knowledge that excess consumption of sugar can lead to heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure; it’s easy for us to say that in the corporate world for one to live with less sugar is a far-fetched goal.

However, here at Adactin, we have some role models who have taken up this NO SUGAR challenge, so why not get some guidance from the experts?

Our Chief Operations Officer (COO) Sapna Bhatia is not only one of the core founders and leaders here at Adactin but is also one of the members of Adactin Group’s health committee. Sapna was an early adopter of the NO SUGAR CHALLENGE and till today practices and continues a lifestyle with healthier habits in moderation.

Sapna says “Everyone has chocolate cravings and I’m no different but my tip is if you’re craving chocolate, opt for dark chocolate instead! If you’re used to sweet coffee then add cinnamon, I promise you these tricks will satisfy the cravings and also help you reduce your sugar intake”

Adactin Group’s General Manager – Samrat Biswal has also been on a sugar detox, he believes cutting sugar out of his diet makes you aware of what you’re eating and has given him more energy! Samrat took up this challenge and was only consuming natural sources of sugar via whole fruits!

Samrat believes “Fruit is really a miracle food. It’s not only delicious but full of nutrients. So yes, it’s possible to eat fruit and satisfy your cravings”

So yes, it is a human tendency to crave sugar after a tedious day of work however many things can be done to not only fight your cravings but also to prevent them.

Drinking water consistently throughout the day is an excellent method as dehydration can cause cravings. This can be achieved by having a water bottle at your desk or setting up an app to give you regular reminders to drink water. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep and eating a healthy and filling meal instead of starving yourself can also help prevent cravings. It’s easy to lose track of your meals and sleep especially while working or being sedentary during busy times. However, it’s extremely important to take care of your mind and body as a poor sleep schedule has been proven to impact your immune system.

Another approach could be to take a brisk walk outside during lunch or morning tea breaks which can help you clear your mind of any excess stress.

We believe that giving in to a craving will just feed the addiction. However, if you manage to remain diligent and resist, the cravings will get weaker over time and eventually disappear.

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