Inspiring the Next Generation

Adactin recognises modern age educators must be provided with advanced technologies they are able to use seamlessly to facilitate learning and assist students to perform well. The interweaving of technology and teaching methodologies is significant in revolutionising the way students learn and to drive students as well as teachers to attain a higher level of creativity, improved performance, and enhanced interaction.

Expertise that Drives Excellence

Modern-day education bodies are moving towards more unified and integrated systems which support greater levels of collaboration, communication, and service delivery.

We have industry experts who understand the specific requirements and distinct objectives of the education sector and implement suitable and tailored approaches to leverage them with appropriately designed IT solutions customised to meet long-term goals.


Right from planning to development, implementation, and operations, we assist educational organisations in all phases of delivery. Adactin offers a complete portfolio of strategic services and solutions for educational organisations and institutions ranging from business transformation strategies and methodologies and enterprise architecture consulting services to application desig

Digital Services

We have designed our digitalisation services that help businesses to transform their processes, enhance their customer experience, and improve operational efficiencies. We have rich experience and cross capabilities to help our customers manage any transformation. Following are some of our digital solutions.


Our digital student solution delivers the best student experiences by enabling students to access services and perform tasks on an incorporated and simplified platform. It offers a new way to access institutional information, collaborates in real time, accesses digital curriculum, real-time analytical trends and content delivery. It also assists universities to understand and serve the student requirements.

We offer student marketing to distinguish and reach out to the right audiences to filter out the best people to join your organisation. Our marketing focuses on recognising individual student’s preferences and contextual content to assist them to make informed choices.

Our student onboarding system assists students to personalize their onboarding experience. To enhance your onboarding experience with digital and real-time support, we provide collaborative forums and engaging videos. The intelligent analytics of this system helps educational organisations gain deeper insights into student behaviour, analyse their actions, and make strategic decisions.

With our focused services and solutions for the education industry, we provide an effective way to bridge the gap between students and institutions. It is akin to an efficient student helpdesk process that enables students to reach out to institutions to clarify any queries, service requests, and be updated on the status of any incidents or news of the organisation.


With experience in working with diverse businesses Adactin assists service providers in the design, development, and maintenance of advanced platforms. Our cross-domain experience, technical excellence, and product partnerships help us to deliver superior engineering services to educational organisations and institutions. Adactin product development and application transformation services allow us to cater from pre-admission to admission customisations, curriculum authoring, and management and assessment by providing latest and manageable services and solutions. We deliver value through our custom-built solutions based on the right-technology approaches and enterprise-level integration. With the deep domain expertise we possess, we are equipped to provide consulting support to educational organisations to implement advanced and improved processes throughout their complete lifecycle.

Adactin understands your curriculum is one of the most attractive reasons for students to join your institution. We have developed a curriculum management system to assist institutions and educational organisations to build integrated curriculum authoring tools which define your objectives and are compliant with relevant statutory requirements.

Adactin’s student analytical platform provides a strong foundation for educational organisations for making strategic decisions on recruitment, admissions, and student performance.

We incorporate intelligent analytics to leverage student performance tracking, measuring educational program effectiveness status, and predicting student retention. The collected information can be used to optimise the learning experience, gain valuable insights, better decision making, drive down the costs.