Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services

Making the change

Whether it’s cross-channel upgrades, risk management or regulatory compliance, industry leaders have chosen us to assist them to work in a better and diverse way. Adactin is helping enterprises benefit from global trends in delivering enhanced effectiveness, more open customer engagement and in reducing costs.

Core Banking Solutions

Our Core Banking Solutions (CBS) enable banks to allow customers to conduct their business irrespective of the branch the customer visits. These CBS enable the branches to access applications from centralized data centres. Apart from retail banking customers, CBS also addresses the needs of corporate clients and offers comprehensive banking solutions for them. The list of features of our CBS that allow us to create benchmarks for minimum balances, interest rates, and the specific number of withdrawals include:

  • Customer Onboarding
  • Managing Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Transactions Management
  • Interest Calculation and Management
  • Payment Processing
  • CRM Activities
  • Designing new Banking Products
  • Loans Disbursals and Management
  • Accounts Management

Latest Payment Methods

Here are the top ten advanced payment trends of banks what you need to know all about.

  • Banks becoming platform players to aid collaboration, retain payments’ role
  • Framework rationalisation is likely to be used as payments intermediaries merge together or evolve
  • Payments vendors and banks are supposed to strengthen their operations to form extended groups
  • Open APIs enable stakeholder collaboration
  • Substitute payment channels such as contactless and arrays gain approval
  • To modify cross-border payments, banks investigate distributed log technologies
  • Instant payments processing likely to become the ‘new normal’ for corporate treasurers, the industry at large
  • As global cyber-attacks rise, regulators focus on data-privacy law compliance
  • Robotic process automation, machine learning assist payment service providers in fraud detection
  • Payments firms continue to invest in latest authentication techniques to avoid fraud and data breaches

Segments we serve

What is NPP?
The New Payments Platform (NPP) is a major industry-wide initiative to develop an infrastructure for Australia that provides Australian Governments, Businesses and Consumers with a fast, versatile, data-rich payments system for making
their everyday payments.

Why NPP?
NPP offers Payment Processing in Real-Time i.e. all NPP Payments will be clear and settle in real time.

Payments may be:

  • Made using an Australian BSB and Account Number.
  • Made to a registered Alias (like a phone number or email address).
  • Scheduled for a future time.
  • Sent using Osko by BPAY which works seamlessly with PayID, allowing transfer to be completed within 1 minute, 24/7.

Adactin’s asset and wealth management practice offers digital and advisory assistance enabling asset and wealth managers to meet the changing demands of the customers in a market place that is growing rapidly. We work with dealers, private banks, protective funds providers, mutual funds providers, and investment organisations to help them improve client relations through united digital services, data-driven perceptions, and future-proof executive plans.

Uncompromising market and regulatory pressures mean investment banks need to be responsive and transparent. Adactin helps you uncover new ways to achieve this while keeping costs low. Our team includes highly skilled business analysts and domain as well as technical experts. Our clients are some of the most well-known investment banking and brokerage firms.

Strict credit markets place increased weight on good IT governance and sound risk compliance. Prominent banks rely on us for high-quality risk management solutions in their management of credit risk as well as operational and market risks. Our experience in credit risk management and IT governance involves the complete risk management lifecycle including automating and implementing the integrity of rating methodologies. Our dedicated team takes care of the entire life cycle of your operations risk management. It includes designing risk management frameworks, advanced reporting and scenario-analyses capabilities, data modelling, and designing the capital calculation.

Leading banks trust us for payment solutions across all their business processes, platforms, and major products. Our foremost focus is to meet credit, debit, private-label, smart cards, stored value, and similar card management challenges. Not only this, we offer IT solutions for electronic depository imaging, efficient payment processing, and different auction sites.

Our dedicated group offers not only technology but also consulting and business process sourcing across different channels of business within the bank. Our team has substantial experience in banking with multiple lines of business serving banks on a global scale. With an effective fusion of industry and banking IT solution expertise, obtained by successful delivery of solutions to different clients, we have created process knowledge across wholesale as well as retail banking subdomains.