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Data Services

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    Big Data

    Harness big data analytics and big data tools to drive better business decisions

    Today’s organizations face an explosion of data from more sources than ever before. As a result, many companies are rethinking their approach to traditional enterprise storage and architecture to utilize and strategize with big data technologies. Storing and managing these huge pools of information is a challenge for many enterprises. But big data analytics also offers significant opportunities.

    At Adactin, we have the expertise in big data tools and processes to derive actionable insights from mountains of disparate data that enterprises collect each day. Our specialists have pioneered big data analytics solutions for leading organizations and we offer complete services to help you harness the power of your big data. These include the following:

    • Big Data Analytics lab spread across multiple locations that focus on product evaluation and performance benchmarking
    • Innovative industry-tailored frameworks to meet unique domain needs
    • Domain specific KPI toolkits for Big Data Tools
    • Business transformation through a mix of performance management and next-generation analytics
    • Big Data Analytics academy that provides assistance to developers and architects as well as data scientists and advanced visualization specialists
    • ‘As-Is and To-Be’ IT landscape assessment
    • Big data strategy, big data maturity roadmap and reference architecture partnership and alliances with industry leading product vendors
    • Industry solution accelerators and data aggregators

    Our experts deliver big data and analytics services to help you strengthen your IT foundation and realize new possibilities that enable accelerated growth. Adactin helps organizations to improve operational efficiency and lower risk with enterprise data solutions.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Enabling Artificial Intelligence for business complexities

    Adactin’s artificial intelligence services and solutions are focused on implementing technologies, approaches, and procedures to enable businesses to work on complex tasks and to deliver them enhanced value. We have deployed systems that replicate human decision making in a variety of industries. We leverage businesses to turn their big data into big insights and possibilities through our artificial intelligence services and solutions.

    Delivering end-to-end projects through AI

    With the right combination of systems, software, and open source frameworks, we apply a distinctive range of advanced analytics to your business process through our artificial intelligence focused strategies. We start by gaining an understanding of a business’s preparedness for AI,  using readiness assessments and then implementing a Proofs-of-Concept. In addition, we do workload management and core optimization to open source learning frameworks and offer you the right software to deploy and optimise your business algorithms.

    Adactin helps you with our wide range of following services:

    • AI Consultancy
    • AI Product Development
    • AI Model Development
    • AI Maintenance
    • Machine Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Digital Virtual Agents
    • Knowledge Virtualisation
    • Decision Management
    • Predictive Analysis

    Machine Learning Consulting

    Driving accessible and affordable machine learning

    Adactin’s machine learning services enable software applications to resolve your business problems that are unstructured in nature. Our machine learning solutions provide you with digital data coupled with easy accessibility and affordability of emerging technologies to assist you unleash the potential power of machine learning and deep learning within your business.

    Improved Business Processes

    Businesses are adapting and changing their standard business models to newer machine learning powered business models to stay one step ahead of the competition. As a leading machine learning company, Adactin offers you comprehensive machine learning services to develop custom solutions capable of processing huge volumes of data and running sophisticated algorithms for improved business processes.

    Solutions that deliver results

    Adactin offers you a blend of effective machine learning solutions that enable you to understand customers behaviour and predict products and services. Our intelligent automation-based solutions accelerate the execution time of your business processes. These solutions also help you analyse your business data so you can more accurately forecast revenue and other crucial performance metrics.

    • Data Cleansing and Extraction
    • Image Annotation
    • Data Modeling
    • Algorithm Development
    • Data Visualisation
    • Data Migration


    Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing is essential for modern businesses

    Natural language processing is an essential expertise for modern businesses to gain a competitive edge. Right from the chatbots, compliance monitoring, business intelligence and analytics of unstructured and semi-structured content to question answering systems to sentiment analysis, Natural language processing is mandatory for such new business functions and processes. Adactin provides natural language processing services that use machine learning to find insights and relationships in text. We have developed a variety of natural language processing tools and techniques that help your business processes to analyse and understand high volume of unstructured data to operate efficiently and proactively.

    Encompassing every aspect of your business

    With our natural language processing services and solutions, we encompass data acquisition, voice to text, text to voice, entity extraction, information extraction, analytics, robotic concierge, text mining, and question answering systems. We generate audio books and lectures, automate log creation, empower business associates with relevant information to boost conversions and enhance customer service, transform digital content monetisation, enable faster product searching, search structured as well as unstructured data to get the most relevant information, make location-based searches easier and faster, and generate actionable insights to make your business more convenient and impactful.


    What does the term “Blockchain Technology” stand for?

    The blockchain is an advanced form of Database storage system, which uses “records” or “blocks” to store data or information. These records or blocks get duplicated automatically with the mechanism of cryptography, thus providing a more secure data storage platform. Blockchain is the technology which supports the cryptocurrencies and Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other such cryptocurrencies are Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, etc. But the scope of blockchain technology is not just limited to finance. Besides finance, Blockchain has also marked its uses among several other fields such as governance, elections, administration, commerce, and many more.

    Adactin Blockchain Development Services

    As an all-encompassing technology company, Adactin provides a comprehensive solution for blockchain applications to drive automation and innovation.

    Blockchain Consulting

    Strategic advice on successful employment of Blockchain technology to optimize the potential outcomes.

    POC Development

    Elaborate Proof of concept services to showcase the technical viability of a product and its market potential.

    Smart Contract Development

    Design, development, audit, and optimisation of self-executing coded business contracts to automate processes.

    Hyperledger Development

    Unlock the potential of open source Blockchains and tools for collaborative development with distributed ledgers.