SYDNEY: Parramatta based software company and leader in ICT services, Adactin Group, is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication on the subject of Test Automation. Its fourth book, the company will be launching it at New South Wales Parliament House.

On the evening of 16th of August the Hon. Member for Parramatta Dr Geoffrey Lee will launch Adactin’s new book titled “Test Automation Using Selenium WebDriver with C#”. The book is authored by automation experts Navneesh Garg and Vaibhav Mittal, the second volume on which the two authors have collaborated.

Director Garry Scarborough said “We are very proud of this publication which demonstrates Adactin’s ongoing thought leadership and initiatives in the ICT industry.” He went on to note that “the book serves as a thorough guide to mastering test automation using Selenium and C# technology, with any theory reinforced by real-life examples to help readers of all levels form a solid understanding of automation concepts. A custom-built web application supporting the book ensures readers have exposure to real scripts and tools.”

The book is highly recommended for automation experts who can use it to update their understanding of Selenium with C# technology.

The authors of this book are recognised automation experts. Vaibhav has authored “Test Automation using Microsoft Coded UI”, one of the Amazon’s IT bestsellers. Navneesh is a prominent author of 3 best-selling testing books on Amazon.