Adactin India CSR

#Adactinlegacy a foundation for Adactin CSR activities.

The Adactin India team took an initiative to spread warmth and smiles this winter season in the form of tracksuits and fun snacks to the beautiful girls at the Aanchal Balika Grah orphanage in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This Makar Sankranti (An auspicious festival) the Adactin India team carried out this initiative depicting that CSR is deeply rooted within our company and our values.  At Adactin, each member of our family believes in giving back to the community.  This year we started our initiatives with an Orphanage and we have many such projects in pipeline for the whole calendar year 2022.

When we reached out to the Orphanage carers, they subtly asked for some lowers for kids due to peak winters in North India.  Thus, the team at Adactin decided to give some warm lowers and jackets to the kids.  One of the team members, Akriti from our HR team personally went out and shopped for these clothes and then handed over to the girls on a special auspicious day.  In return, we received beautiful smiles of those young girls living in that orphanage.  The ages of those children vary from 5 years to 16 years.  The kids also prepared a nice poster saying a big thanks to Adactin team.

Adactin is very proud to name its CSR branch as Adactin Legacy which we vow to continue for the years to come.

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