SYDNEY: Parramatta based software company and leader in ICT services, Adactin Group, is pleased to announce it has been granted a Labour Hire Licence in the state of Queensland.

Queensland introduced the Labour Hire Licensing Act and a new labour hire licensing scheme which took effect on 16 April 2018. The new law requires labour hire providers to show they comply with all legal obligations and can pay their workers, and is aimed at addressing years of evidence of serious exploitation of workers in the labour hire industry, ranging from cases of wage theft to sexual harassment and systematic tax avoidance.

Being granted a licence to provide labour underscores the values of the company and is testament to the strong ethical basis on which it provides labour and cares for those who supply its ICT services. CEO Navneesh Garg said “This licence is more than just a tick in the box allowing us to work in Queensland. It is a strong endorsement of the values of our company and a testament to those who carry the Adactin name. We set high standards of behaviour for ourselves and expect the same of those who are part of our team.”

He also added that “the licence underpins our plans to expand our services into Queensland and our commitment to supporting clients in that state.” The company is expanding its work into the ACT and Queensland as it builds on the strong reference base it has established in New South Wales.