SYDNEY: Parramatta based software company Adactin has expanded its business into Canberra, with opportunities in Federal Government departments and agencies representing the next stage in the growth of the company.

“We are excited to take our proven track record with NSW state government departments and deliver the same quality of service to the Federal government,” said co-founder and Director Sapna Bhatia. “We have been included in the Digital Transformation Agency panel, have just been advised of success with other Federal panels and have been delivering services and training to quite a diverse range of departments in Canberra.”

The opportunities in the Federal Government are seen as a natural extension of what the company has been able to deliver in New South Wales. However, Canberra also represents compelling strategic positioning for Adactin. Sapna said, “The opportunities we have won in Canberra represent a validation of our business model, as well as our capacity to deliver to a different scale of a client. But they also help us springboard into other markets given these are federal departments and as such have a national reach and impact.”