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Product Engineering

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    A timely invest on right business technology is essential for long term growth for a orgnisation. Many orgnisations are hesitant to explore due to lacking required experience, obstacles in terms of resource, cost & business priority.

    Adactin realises to move up one rung of the ladder by elevating their capabilities at a consistent pace. Adactin is helping its customers across various industries to leverage new technologies to build outstanding products. There are different phases of product engineering from inception to the end of the lifecycle of a product. The phases of product engineering typically include –

    • Ideation
    • Design
    • Development & Testing
    • Release
    • Re-Engineering

    Capstone is the pinnacle of engineering solution that is driven by cutting edge solution. Capstone 1.0 and Capstone 2.0 are cloud-based clinic management system that links hospitals, clinics, referring specialists, and service providers such as pathology and radiology laboratories. It will integrate with the Australian Digital Health Framework including My HealthRecord, dispense electronic prescriptions, and be configured to accommodate future digital health requirements such as any pandemic monitoring and reporting requirements.