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    Test Automation Excellence: Be Among the Successful Few

    While the reasons for test automation failures are diverse, they often stem from issues such as automation testers lacking the fundamental testing skills, using incorrect testing tools, relying on outdated regression test scripts or having incomplete testing plans. Don’t fall victim to inexperienced automation testing providers.  


    Test Automation Services: More Important than Ever!

    Automated software testing surpasses manual testing techniques in many critical aspects. Automated testing involves the  automation analysis throughout the entire software testing life cycle, ensuring consistent functionality and operability. Its advantages over manual testing are undeniable. Here’s why automated testing is the way to go. So whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or anywhere in Australia, Adactin has all your Automation needs covered.

    Enhanced Software Quality

    Repeated, constant and systematic automated analysis contributes to the delivery of high-quality software.

    Improved Documentation

    Automated tests produce goal-oriented, well-documented, quality-assured software applications that can be traced according to your requirements.

    Reduced Testing Duration

    Automated tests run faster and do not require a large work force. They are are capable of validating millions of test permutations in a very short time, in contrast to manual tests, which may take minutes or even hours.

    Decreased Overall Costs

    Automation testing services significantly reduce the costs associated with producing high-quality software. Automated testing is faster than manual testing, leading to reduced testing time, cost savings in workforce and improved software quality and documentation.

    We've Got You Covered!

    We are dedicated to providing top-tier automation services that deliver a tangible return on investment (ROI). With extensive experience in designing automation frameworks using tools like Selenium, TOSCA, UFT, Microsoft CodedUI, Ranorex and Sahi Pro, we offer a comprehensive range of Test Automation services in Australia, including: 

    • Developing Enterprise and Program-Level  automation strategies 
    • Framework Design
    • Automated Regression Suite
    • Evaluation and recommendations for suitable test automation tools
    • Development of test automation frameworks and automated test scripts
    • Assessing suitable candidate applications for test automation
    • Estimating ROI for test automation
    • Training and mentoring in test automation process, best practices and tools

    Our goal is to empower you with effective test automation solutions. Whether you are looking to develop a strategic approach, design robust frameworks or receive expert guidance, we have got the expertise to support your automation journey.

    Why opt for Adactin Test Automation Services?

    At Adactin, we are a team of industry experts with robust technical expertise, working together as an automation testing company. With deep understanding of the industry, we collaborate closely with you to ensure that we have fully comprehended your business needs, rather than just testing for technical consistency and requirement compliance. Our experts align with your business processes and prioritise enhancing your ROI as we develop the automation framework and test cases.


    How We May Assist You?

    At Adactin, we excel in providing manual functional analysis services for various software applications across domains such as E-learning, Energy, Telecom, Healthcare, BFSI and Retail and Logistics. Our expertise extends to Datacenter, Mobility, SOA and Security testing services. While this is not an exhaustive list, here are some of the services in which we specialise:

    • Testing of Clients Server Application
    • Testing of Web Application
    • Test Plan Preparation and Test Strategy
    • Desktop Application Testing
    • Preparation of Test Cases using techniques such as Boundary Value Analysis, error guessing, cause-effect graphing and equivalence partition
    • Execution of Manual Functional Test
    • Defect Management and Tracking
    • Mobile Testing
    • Regression Testing

    We are here to ensure the quality and reliability of your software applications across a range of industries.