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    In the rapidly changing world of software development, it’s crucial to consider more than just functionality. Non-functional testing is the practice of evaluating a system’s performance, reliability, and usability. Simply put, non-functional testing checks the product’s quality rather than its features.  

    Why Non Functional Testing?  

    Both functional and non-functional testing are important for every newly developed software. Functional testing ensures that the internal functions work correctly, while non-functional testing checks how well the software functions in the external environment.  

    It helps check non-functional aspects like performance, stability, responsiveness, portability, and more.

    Non-functional testing assesses software installation, setup, and execution. It gathers measurements and metrics for internal research and development. This testing provides in-depth insights into product behavior and technologies used. It helps reduce production risks and associated software costs.  

    At Adactin,  we consider  these  situations that focus on testing the nonfunctional aspects of the application. 

    • How does the application work under normal load?  
    • What happens when many users log in at once?  
    • Can the application handle high stress?  
    • Is the application secure from potential threats?  
    • Can the application recover from disasters?  
    • Will the application work the same way in different environments or operating systems?  
    • Is it easy to port the application to another system?  
    • Are the user manuals/documents easy to understand?  

    Types of Non-Functional Testing

    Performance Testing – Evaluates the responsiveness, scalability, and stability of the software under various workloads and user interactions.  

    Security Testing – Identifies vulnerabilities and ensures that the software and its data are protected against unauthorised  access and malicious activities.  

    Usability/Accessibility Testing – Usability testing method ensures that a website is easy and intuitive to use. Accessibility Testing is subset of Usability Testing in which it focuses on making a website accessible to disabled people. 

    Benefits of Non-Functional Testing

    Improved Performance – Non-functional testing helps optimize software performance, ensuring it can handle a high volume of users and transactions smoothly. 

    Enhanced User Experience – By evaluating usability and compatibility, non-functional testing ensures that the software provides an intuitive and seamless user experience. 

    Greater Security – Non-functional testing identifies security vulnerabilities, allowing organisations to implement robust security measures and protect sensitive data.