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    Automated API Management Testing for Paperless & Seamless Medicare Claim

    Learn how a leading health company enhanced its Medicare claim processing by embracing API management and testing from Adactin, leading to streamlined operations and client satisfaction positioning it as a pioneer in digital healthcare services.

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    Asset Management Platform – Streamlined Management and Reliable Tracking

    Adactin developed an Asset Management Platform for our client that enhanced efficiency, transparency, and revenue generation. Our client is now a leader in streamlining processes and improving customer satisfaction in the healthcare industry.

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    Implementation of NPP (New Payments Platform/Osko Payments) for On-Us and Off-Us transactions for One of the Big Banks

    Adactin successfully integrated NPP/Osko Payments into the client’s systems offering innovative and efficient payment solutions. This led to seamless implementation, empowering the client to thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern banking and finance.

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    Performance Testing for a Leading Banking Institution

    The case study revolves around a banking client that developed new APIs for four different banking brands with a non-functional requirement (NFR) stipulating that the APIs should have a response time of less than or equal to 1.5 seconds.

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    Secure Integrated Distributed Energy Resource Register

    The case study outlines the importance of managing distributed energy resources (DER) in Australia’s power grid. With the increasing adoption of rooftop solar panels and batteries by residences and businesses, there’s a growing need for a comprehensive register to track and manage these DER systems.

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    Distributed Wholesale Gas Market for Energy Giant

    The client’s initiative aims to modernize gas trading in Victoria, ensuring efficiency and transparency in the transition towards renewable energy while addressing documentation and testing challenges encountered in project execution.

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    HP Quality Center 10.0 to HP ALM 11.0 Upgrade for Big Energy Company

    Adactin successfully consolidated and upgraded a major energy company’s Quality Center servers, integrating ALM 11.0, LDAP, and QC projects, resulting in a centralized repository, reduced costs, and enhanced tool functionality.

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    State Government

    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA Testing for State Government Department

    A State Government Department launched a notification portal, necessitating WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. Employing automated tools, manual checks, assistive technology assessment, screen reader testing, and browser compatibility checks, they identified and fixed 15 accessibility issues, boosting compliance from 85% to 98%. The development team received accessibility training, and UI design enhancements were recommended.

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    Insurance provider deploys Guidewire Insurance Platform

    Client initiated migration to Guidewire Insurance Suite Cloud for an omnichannel workers’ compensation claims center, enhancing customer service and scalability. Adactin facilitated the migration, employing SCRUM methodology and integrating Claim Center, Policy Center, and Billing Center systems seamlessly. 

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