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Adactin Software Training Testimonial


Meet our recent Test Analyst: Kanad Kashyap. This is the journey from a media professional, restaurateur, importer and consultant to a software tester in Australia. This is the story of Kanad Kashyap. Kanad was born and raised in India. He got his Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) degree from India and went on to complete his MSc in computer networks from London in 2004.

He started his career as a media professional working in animation for Films and TV. While working as a media professional, along with a chef friend, he started a Café in Gurgaon, India. After which he got into the toy distribution business and started importing from China. He found himself wanting a technology-related role in-line with his studies, this led him to the role of a software development consultant.

In 2019, Kanad’s wife got an opportunity to pursue her PhD in Australia, after which the family relocated to Sydney, Australia. Kanad said,

“Excited with the new chapter in my life, I was eager to start a new career in Australia but was unsure of my options. Then a friend’s wife who was currently working in Adactin recommended me to enroll with Adactin.”

While his education and background are that of computer science, he had no prior experience in testing and hence he choose the Professional Manual Testing Program (PMTP) course at Adactin, a foundation course for individuals with little or no experience who seek to enter into the IT industry in Australia. This course covers topics like manual testing, JIRA tool, introduction to Automation, agile methodologies and much more.

“This was a natural fit for me because I had no previous experience with testing I needed a foundation course and was excited about the live project teaching approach in Adactin,” said Kanad.

“What was a little nerve-racking initially was the idea of going back to studying after 14 years gap from my previous Master’s degree. But the well-structured course and excellent support from tutors like Priyanka Singh soon replaced the daunting challenge to an exciting learning experience” – he further added.

With the foundations under your belt, the natural step forward is to prepare yourself for the workforce and this was also what Kanad did and enrolled for the two months traineeship program. This program includes a structured program and an extension to classroom training providing participants with real work experience on an interesting project. With added benefits of free workshops on interview skills, resume preparation resource, mock interview and access to mentorship and subject matter experts. Adactin provides all the resources/support you need to land a job including a reference letter at the end of your contract.

“Apart from the live projects and classroom training, the program was very self-driven and pro-active in the sense we got as much we put into it, this enabled me to focus on learning what I enjoyed and got me exploring new concepts in testing like functional testing. Another value boost of the program was the grooming support directly from the CEO, Navneesh Garg and COO, Sapna Bhatia. I had always been on the other side of the interview table conducting interviews and selecting candidates for my business, but now being an interviewee I welcomed the much-needed support from Adactin”

“Even amidst the current global economic and health environmental conditions I was fortunate enough to land a full-time job as a Functional tester with a work from home arrangement due to start on the 18th of May 2020, all thanks to the great people behind Adactin. To anyone who is considering to enter into the IT industry regardless of your experience or lack of it, I would highly recommend you to consider Adactin Group but my only word of caution is be prepared for the hard work because you only get what you put into it.”

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