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About Us

About Us

Adactin Group is a premium IT company in Australia dedicated to world-class Quality Assurance (QA), Software Development, Data Analytics, Digital Transformation & Integration, Project Management and Business Analysis services and ICT training programs. At Adactin we see today’s world through the ever-changing technology lens hence making us a preferred IT Managed Service Provider so our clients can concentrate on their main line of business and leave the technology to us. Our technology-driven team are well versed in different methodologies, and hence, can offer expert consultancy, knowledge transfer/training and unique solutions to complex projects; we deliver results that we know will work. Our expertise coupled with our company’s values, CSR branch, mission and vision make us a one-stop shop for tomorrow’s business!


To innovate, integrate and automate IT solutions and deliver comprehensive support to empower your business to realise its full potential.


Innovation always, in all ways

Meet Our Team

Navneesh Garg

CEO & Exec Director

Sapna Bhatia

COO & Exec Director

Garry Scarborough

Director of Sales

Deepak Gupta

Head of Delivery

Dheeraj Babu

Talent Acquisition Manager

Sukanya Surya

HR Manager

Kevin Dalton

Finance Manager

Barry Bond

Director Federal Government

Adactin Competencies

Adactin has thinkers, innovators, creators, and transformers who believe in making things happen via a highly professional approach, differentiated by expertise, capabilities and imagination. Above all are our clients who entrust us with their business. Our clients are our greatest asset and a core strength behind our competencies. They work closely with our highly skilled experts who possess enterprise-level proficiency in the latest tools, trends, and technologies and who make us stand out in the cutting-edge competition of the IT market.

Our Stance

We have set the bar right at the top in the marketplace. Our customised solutions and distinctive vision assist us to deliver solutions across diverse businesses in a variety of industry sectors, utilising the very latest in technologies and addressing emerging as well as established market trends. We strive to provide the most cost-effective QA, testing, and IT services and solutions with a commitment to creating innovative, tailored solutions to challenging technical problems. We do this by utilising our deep library of customisable business and service models which we carefully align with client requirements and objectives.