ll visitors, which come and make any use of our web pages at www.adactin.com are recognized and their IP addresses are saved for records. Email addresses of only those users are collected by us who communicate through e-mail or are a part of our mailing lists.

All the pages that have been visited by the users, the duration of the visits and the information that is accessed is stored with us in the web logs. Under no circumstances shall this information be used for any commercial purpose. Other than the ADACTIN and its authorized members, no other individual can access the information which is kept safe and confidential.


Subscription to mailing lists

If you have subscribed to our mailing lists but wish to discontinue the service, you can click on the unsubscribe option. The service will be discontinued there and then. Also, the email addresses that are subscribed to the lists are kept confidential and not made public on the website of ADACTIN.

For any new changes or modifications to the privacy policy, please visit the website regularly