User Acceptance Testing(UAT) is also referred to as end user testing, application testing and beta testing. In this testing method, any software is examined in “real world” through an intended business representative or audience. Though IT systems technical analysis is considered to be a comprehensive and professional process, business functionality analysis or testing is having a distinct proposition.

Importance of UAT?

Software which do not work as desired provides immense stress to the users and for the overall organization thereby creating great impact on its business and can results in a lot of other problems:-

  • Monetary Loss:-Monetary loss is defined in the situations where existing customers are not able to rely on the company and also there are financial penalties occurred due to the non-conformity to legal requirements.
  • Loss of Time :- This happens due to the delayed transactions as the staff is unable to complete the work because of a failure or a fault.
  • Harm To Business Repute:- If a firm is not competent enough to deliver services to its customers within the stipulated period due

Hence, it is indispensable to analyse the system to make sure it is not faulty and it can completely support the business which is based on it. The more late you are to trace any issue the more expensive they are to eliminate or fix.

  • to the software faults and failures, then the customers will surely lose their trust and confidence in the organization( and it might happen that they can seek other company to avail its services.
How Can We Support?

Whether your firm assigns the functional role allied with testing as an analyst,Quality Assurance Professional or Tester; User Acceptance Testing if performed well, will employ the ones who are responsive in the early stage of project development cycle. Adactin proffers remarkable proficiency in User Acceptance Testing in varied areas such as:-

  • Mobile Testing
  • Web Applications
  • Test case designing as well as execution
  • Desktop Applications