Automate the operational business decisions

Operational data within analytical models, when governed by business rules, can benefit IT and businesses to automatically define the best operational decisions. Adactin believes that analytical models and business rules are natively integrated, managed, and published with indistinguishable logic for batch and real-time web service execution. This ultimately implies a faster deployment as well as assurance and integrity in your analytically driven operational decisions.


Develop just once and deploy anytime, anywhere

Adactin decision management services empower businesses to minimise manual work and reduce overheads. With our decision managing solutions we provide you with the entire code path that includes necessary business rules residing in the analytical model context. Your business IT architecture and processes do not need to reassemble the decision flows for batch or real-time deployment. In addition, we enable you to avoid the necessity of putting together the code for deployment testing.

The Adactin approach of decision management

Our decision management resource is designed and developed to allow you to quickly react to fluctuating business and regulatory requirements. It enables you to adapt advanced processes in your businesses applications and with an intention to streamline and accelerate the management of decision logics that is driving your applications processes. When you opt for Adactin decision management, we empower you with these benefits.

Centrally managed source of decision services and solutions

Decision services,
controllable by you

Decision services accessible to connected business applications instantaneously

No overpriced