Enabling digital insights driven businesses

Adactin provides digital insights for businesses to assist you make business decisions. Our insight-driven resources provide you increased visibility of  the source of risks and opportunities related to your business. With our actionable insights, we discover prospective benefits hidden in all the data originating from your social media, IoT devices, smartphones, web clickstream, and other sources.

Realise your data value

We implement a non-traditional approach to data analytics to help businesses stay one step ahead. With our experience and expertise in various industries we’ve realised that conventional analytical methods quickly become obsolete in today’s rapidly growing digital business landscape. Artificial intelligence, real-time data ingestion, cognitive computing, predictive analytics solutions, and natural language processing are helping businesses reinvent ways of data utilisation and deployment.


Right strategies for actionable insights

We have designed a unique set of data differentiators to deliver businesses with cutting-edge data analytics solutions, derive near real-time actionable insights, discover innovative solutions for business problems, drive informed decision making, and realise digital capital. With the right strategies and expertise, we empower you to bring clarity to the deployment, retention, and derivation of actionable insights from your digital data. Our Enable Insights services enable you to:

  • Align your big data processes with your business objectives
  • Evaluate competencies and develop capabilities for vast Big Data opportunities
  • Boost revenues and create data-driven solutions for your business hitches

Why Adactin Insights?

Data Integration

With our data integration, we bring together your scattered external and internal business data.

Real-Time Data & Alerts

We implement latest technologies to monitor and analyse vast amounts of your business data in real-time. We also send you alerts for complications arising in your data managing processes.

Process Optimisation

We offer process optimisation to optimise and simplify procurement intelligence through automation and smart technology tools that speed up processes, save costs, reduce time to market, and deliver new business capabilities.


We provide you with the right engagement models that fit your business architecture and provide you flexibility in selecting business options.

Smart Tools

Adactin offers a wide variety of right smart tools to allow you to easily discover the insights you require, custom analysis, dashboards, interactive models, and portals.