We keep your things connecting

Just as cloud services provide global reach, cohesive connectivity management proves is essential for real-world IoT deployments. Adactin device connectivity and management solutions ensure remote wireless devices are functioning properly and your application data is reliably and securely transmitted. Our automated device connectivity solutions make sure your IoT devices, low power devices, business mobile phones, and tablets are connected reliably, securely, and in a cost-effective way.


Device Connectivity and Management: 24/7 Automated Services

Adactin’s automated device connectivity and management services ensure your devices are reliably and securely connected, and monitors their connection status 24/7 to protect your business and customers’ information. Our end-to-end device management solutions offer visibility and manageability of every IoT device in real-time. They ensure your service reliability, enables your business to scale, to operate at lower costs and to manage IoT devices throughout their  lifecycle.

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Diverse Managed Connectivity

Adactin offers diverse managed connectivity from design and integration of dashboard applications to round-the-clock support and maintenance. We provide secure, global device connectivity and accessibility. We empower you with the following when you choose our device connectivity and management services.

Support for connectivity analysis



Data record

Software and firmware updates and upgrades including bug fixes

On-going analysis assistance to ensure the correct set up is in place

Proactive response to online trouble-ticketing