FT APAC High Growth 500

Ranked 65th in the FT APAC High Growth 500

Parramatta based software company and leader in ICT services, Adactin Group, is pleased to announce that Financial Times (FT) ranked the company 65th in its top 500 high-growth companies from the APAC region.

In the fourth week of April the Financial Times, a Global daily publication reporting on financial and commercial activities of the world economy recognised Adactin’s long term performance by ranking it 65th in the top 500 high-growth companies from the APAC region. The ranking in FT’s Top 500 recognises the performance of the company for over four years.  Companies must have revenue of at least $100,000 generated in 2015, and provide four years of turnover data, with a Revenue of at least $1m generated in 2018, should be is independent, be headquartered in one of 11 territories in Asia-Pacific, and the revenue growth between 2015 and 2018 was primarily organic

Adactin CEO Navneesh Garg said he was thrilled with the recognition from FT.

“FT is one the world’s leading news organisation and represents a high standard in the Global business community and we are delighted that the publication has given us this recognition. The award speaks to the calibre of the people behind our company and the strength of the services that we deliver to our customers. Our customers have always been at the forefront of what we do, and our focus on quality delivery and innovation lies at the centre of our success. This is great and comforting news amidst the current trying times and while the data does not take into account the unfolding coronavirus crisis, it is indicative of our resilience and promise as a company for the days ahead.” 

The Top 500 high-growth companies from the APAC region is a snapshot of growth leaders in the APAC economy.  Navneesh added that “amongst the technology sector in Australia from FT’s list, Adactin is ranked 3rd and Adactin will continue to position itself to be a part of the growth of the ICT industry in the APAC region.

Coronavirus | 6 elements to minimize its impact on your business

Coronavirus | 6 Elements To Minimize Its Impact On Your Business

With the rapid spike in the outbreak of the coronavirus ( COVID -19 ), many aspects of daily and work life have been affected. This has had a direct impact in the way business is carried out. Face to face meetings are being frequently canceled with online meetings, call and email now becoming the preferred mode of communication. Many companies have shut factories, offices and major industry events like Facebook’s F8, the Geneva Motor Show, Google I/O and Mobile World Congress continue to be called off because of the outbreak.

We understand that with increased growth and coverage of the virus, many questions have arisen.

How to prepare? How can keep employees be kept safe? How can impact on business be minimized? How can continuity of business be ensured at this time of uncertainty?

Below we have listed 6 elements we believe can be added to your organisation to help minimize the impact of the virus on your business. Note that all 6 elements are interlinked and work best when they are combined. 

1. Preparation + Policy = Success

Great preparation is the key component of every good plan. During times of crisis, your organisation should look to its emergency/ disaster policies and guidelines. If your organisation does not currently have any of these policies, you should create them today!

What should be included in your policies?

Safety first rule:

  • Any individual who has any flu-like symptoms (regardless of them having the virus or being in contact with someone with the virus) should immediately let their supervisor know and stay home.
  • Personal health recommendations should be followed from standard reputable sources such as The Department of Health programs.
  • They must require a medical certificate showing that they do not have the virus to be allowed back into work.
  • Make sure that all staff are aware of the safety regulations such as washing their hands and no shaking hands. These must be enforced.

Communication channels:

Communication also needs to be at the forefront. Being able to effectively communicate and having a unified understanding of the current status, steps, procedures and action plans for the ever-evolving event is crucial for stability during this time.

  • Email, video call and messaging services should be available to all staff.

Digital Transformation:

  • Work from home allowance and capabilities.
  • If it’s not possible, the implementation of an A and B team to minimize the impact of the virus as they will take turns to work on site.
  • Cloud-based or remote server access to files, projects, accounts, etc.

2. Flexible Working

To help slow down the spread of the virus, many organisations will find that they will soon be working from home or be made to stay at home for a quarantine period as we have seen in Italy. This could be a mandated request by the government or organisation and you need to be ready. Apple, Atlassian and Google are just a few major corporations that have facilitated the option and, in some cases, requested to work from home. Adopting this premise and making sure that there are right procedures in place to facilitate employees who opt to or need to work from home will minimize the internal impact on your staff, company and day to day business activities.


  • Employees save time commuting from work and are able to dedicate more time to tackling their set work.


  • There will be the distraction of home life.
  • Lack of face to face communication will also present some issues for the standard 9-5 day.

How can the challenges be tackled?

  • Project management tools (Refer to ‘Workflow’)
  • Cloud-based software and services can be leveraged. (Refer to ‘Data Management’)
  • Communication can be carried out via email. (Refer to ‘Communication’)
 Each employees needs will be different as each employees personal responsibilities during their standard workday will be different.

How can these employee needs be understood?

A consistent online communication, engagement, transparency, availability and accountability channel should be in place for all remote employees, so that everything still runs smoothly.

3. Workflow

Transparency and visibility

This is crucial for you and your team. It will help lessen the physical divide and will help keep your team mindset synergized.

  • Make sure each employee has access to a digital, always available workflow management tool.  All staff, projects and tasks can be updated and assigned without the need for excel sheets or never-ending update emails!
  • Convert standard morning stand-ups to skype calls. Do no get rid of them completely!

    Available tools:
    Zoho Sprints, Jira, Trello, Monday.com, ClickUp

4. Data Management

Files, on files on files! Working remotely means you will need access to data, files or the ability to transfer files of all sizes easily and quickly. These important files should be accessible to all team members, regardless of location. This will ensure that projects run on time and productivity is not affected.

Best practice:

  • Be sure to backup or copy all important files onto a remotely accessible shared drive either on your server or cloud-based file hosting platform.
  • Start working and accessing files so if you are suddenly made to work from home, you will already be up to date and no files will be left behind.

    Available tools: Zoho Work Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive

5. Communication is key!

The above-mentioned points will work smoothly if your means of communication are in place.

How can communication be hindered when working remotely?

  • Forgetting to share important information to staff members.
  • Feeling like you can’t ask for help.
  • Feeling disengaged or left out.

How can this be tackled?

It is very important to encourage consistent communications. This is not only for work items, but your standard office banter or social media interactions. Keeping all employees feeling valued and part of the team is incredibly important when working remotely.

Email is the standard form of office communication. Send out group news/updates emails to make sure no important information is missed by staff members. Adapting messaging services, live chats and video calls is a wonderful way to bridge that communication gap in a more natural, free-flowing way. We are all working towards the same goal and its always great to see that being communicated with your team.

         Available tools: Slack, HipChatFacebook workplace, Zoho Cliq

6. Culture

Create a strong online culture where communication, feedback, criticism and rewards are in place.

How can a strong online culture be created?

  • Engage in consistent messaging with the team and listen to the team.
  • Take and pass on notes to adapt to the needs of the project.  
  • Take the time to have a phone call with individual team members to check up on progress and to check if they are having any difficulties.

Taking these elements on board is a big step in making sure your organisation is prepared and ready to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.


WSABE 2019 Award Winner – Adactin

WSABE 2019 Service NSW Outstanding Business Leader

We here at Adactin Group would love to say a big congratulations to our CEO Navneesh Garg for his fantastic award. Navneesh won the Service NSW Outstanding Business Leader Award in the 2019 Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE) last Friday in Rosehill Race Course. LinkedIn Post

Navneesh has worked tirelessly towards taking Adactin to the next level and set an example as a leader for the company to aim for and achieve. We are glad to see that he was recognised for his efforts among some fantastic names in his category (full list of winners here).

WSABE is Western Sydney’s premium business awards event with many industry leaders, council members and government officials attending. Adactin was also a finalist for the Unimoni Excellence in Business. Being based in Parramatta we are glad to see that Navneesh and Adactin Group are being acknowledged as leaders and valued members of the Western Sydney business space and economy.

WSABE posted a photo of Navnessh on their Facebook page here with this lovely caption

“The longevity of any business is largely dependent on Outstanding Leadership that can move it forward. For Adactin Group, Founding Member and CEO, Navneesh Garg is that leader, and he has just been conferred the Service NSW Outstanding Business Leader Award! In addition to his leadership role at Adactin Group, Navneesh has authored four books, has amassed a global audience, presented at multiple global forums, and has a patent to his name that has been recognised with Smart100 Award. A big congratulations to Navneesh Garg for his ongoing success and for taking out tonight’s award.”

Congratulation again to Navneesh on his fantastic award. Hopefully many more awards to come for both Navneesh and Adactin Group!

Show your support by dropping a like or comment to Navneesh on LinkedIn or Facebook


SYDNEY: Parramatta based software company and leader in ICT services, Adactin Group, is delighted to announce its third award in as many weeks, being ranked in the Deloitte 2018 Technology Fast 50 Australia Awards. The company was ranked in this Award in 2016 and 2017 and this year was placed 16th.


Co-founder and CEO Navneesh Garg said the Deloitte award was especially noteworthy. “This is recognition for both our approach to technology and to the way we deliver our business, but in particular to the way we have grown the company to meet evolving customer needs. Deloitte themselves note how companies ranked in the Fast 50 highlight those which are changing the way we buy insurance, buy food, cosmetics, mountain bikes and real estate, while also changing the way we recruit, hire and promote women in the workplace. Adactin is constantly evolving the ways technology delivers efficiencies and returns for our customers.”


The award reflects strongly on the growth strategy put in place over two years ago and on the focus by all in the company to see that strategy carried out. In particular it is a positive reflection on the strong customer focus which is core to what Adactin is about. Navneesh noted “It can be a cliché but it’s a truism nonetheless – the customer is the centre of what we do, and our focus on serving them lies at the centre of our success. You might say that the Deloitte award recognises our restless and continuous search for ways to exceed what our customers expect of us.”


Adactin is an Australian software consulting company that addresses a wide range of opportunities and needs in the ICT sector, but with a core competency, and thought leadership position built around the science of IT development and testing application development.

ADACTIN Maintains the Pace – Adactin in CRN Fast50 in 2018

SYDNEY: Parramatta based software company and leader in ICT services, Adactin Group, is pleased to announce that the CRN ranked the company 2nd in its 2018 annual review of the Australian ICT market.


CRN is an internationally respected brand with a strong local focus on the issues that matter most to the Australian channel. It is an internationally respected brand with a strong local focus on the issues that matter most to the Australian channel. The CRN Fast50 recognises the fastest-growing companies in the Australian IT channel, based on year-on-year revenue growth.


After a review and judging process which commenced in July CRN has ranked Adactin in its Fast50, placing it second. Adactin has been recognised in this way by the CRN for three years running. Adactin CEO Navneesh Garg is especially pleased with the result. He said the CRN recognition “is a form of peer review, and while any recognition is strongly affirming for the whole team, the CRN award is recognition from within the ICT community.”


Navneesh added that ‘to receive this recognition three years in a row is not just a validation of growth percentages but it’s a validation of our business plan and of the way the whole team at Adactin has executed the plan. Everyone across the whole company has every reason to be very proud of their contribution. The CRN award is something each person in the company can claim for themselves.”