Murray Wardle

Since 2006, Murray has been involved in more than 40 performance testing projects, many of them as a lead consultant. Murray is a HP Accredited Systems Engineer (Performance Centre v9), and has significant experience with other performance testing tools, such as SilkPerformer, QALoad Oracle Application Test Suite and WebLOAD. Murray has come from a strong networking background and has had six years experience of managing network systems. He can be reached at

Quotes from Reviewers

Terrific follow-up to previous book on automation tool HP UFT… this time on Selenium! Step-by-step setup of the tool and scripting tasks are both explained using easy to understand language. Automation concepts, processes, and real-life scenarios are also provided to enhance the tester’s technical skills.

William B.

A great hands-on guide to learn Selenium WebDriver with Java. Real-life examples and experiences are great help to understand objectives and issues with automation. A great recommend for everyone

Emily Jones