ISTQB Foundation Certification Course

This ISTQB accredited course provides the essential ideas, processes, tools and skills needed to set yourself on a path for true testing professionalism. The course reveals the methodology behind this successful testing program.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Structure and control your own test activities
  • Apply efficient test techniques and effective test strategies
  • Articulate the necessity of your test activities
  • Rely on the test methodology learnt
  • Be confident you are doing the right things as a tester
  • Obtain your ISTQB Foundation certificate


Duration: 3 Days

 The Basics of Software Testing

  • Error and bug terminology
  • Testing terms
  • The Psychology of testing
  • General Principal of testing
  • Test Planning and Control
  • Test Analysis and design
  • Test Implementation and execution
  • Evaluation of Test Exit criterion
  • Test closure activities
  • Quiz 15 min                                                             

General V Model

  • Component testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Test
  • Generic type of testing
  • Quiz 15 min
  • Mock 1 hr.

Static Testing

  • Examination of Test groups
  • Roles and Responsibilities in a Test Group
  • Reviews and Type of Reviews
  • Static Analysis
  • Basics Static Analysis
  • Data Flow analysis
  • Control Flow analysis
  • Quiz 15 min

Dynamic Analysis

Black Box Testing Techniques

  • Equivalence Class Partitioning
  • Boundary value analysis
  • State Transition testing
  • Cause Effect graphing
  • Use Case Testing

White Box Analysis

  • Statement coverage
  • Branch Coverage
  • Test of condition
  • Path Coverage
  • Quiz 15 min
  • Mock 1 hr.

Test Tool

  • Type of test tools
  • Tools for test management and control
  • Tools for test specifications
  • Tools for static and dynamic testing
  • Tools for Non Functional tests
  • Selection and Introduction of test tools
  • Quiz 15 min

Test Management

  • Test Organization
  • Test Planning
  • Cost and Economy Aspect
  • Definition of Test Strategy
  • Test Activity Management
  •  Incident Management
  • Requirements for Configuration management
  • Quiz 15 min
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Q: Do I need to be from technical background to do this course?

A: Working knowledge of internet and Microsoft packages (Word, Excel) is enough for learning testing.


Q: Is PMTP & ISTQB same?

A: PMTP is a practical and specialised software testing course whereas ISTQB is a theoretical software testing knowledge base course.


Q: Which jobs can I apply after doing ISTQB?

A: You can apply for Jr. Test Analyst and Test Analyst roles.


Q: Do you support with job placements?

A: We prepare you for the interview preparations and share our internal & External job posting with you directly to reduce your round of interviews.