Test Automation

Software Test Automation

Automated software assessment is the implementation of automation technology in the software analyzing life-cycle with an objective of rendering swifter and very economic results. The technologies,products and methods utilized to apply automation can differ, with a varied range of results. However, automation, which is used and carried out in the best way, is exceptionally beneficial and has the capability to convert the way software-based systems are analyzed and rendered.

Advantages of Automation

Automated software testing proffers an avant-garde substitute to manual testing techniques. This method helps testing work automation and offers a wide functionality and coverage of testing throughout the whole life-cycle of software testing. An automated software analyzing process, if applied accurately, provides more advantages compared to manual testing which are as below:-

  • Enhanced software quality: Repeated, constant and systematic automated analysis assist in the deliverance of excellent quality software.
  • Improved documentation: Tests which are done in an automated manner, produce goal oriented,documented,quality proof, which includes trace-ability of the requisites as well as broad pass/fail results.
  • Reduction in testing duration and workforce: Automated tests are a way better than manual tests as they run faster and do not require large work force. Besides, these tests have the potential to validate millions of test permutations in very less time i.e. within minutes and hours.
  • Economical: Automation methods can help in dramatic reduction of the costs used for the production of high standard software. Cost savings not only results from the minimization of testing time and workforce, but also due the lower life-cycle expenses on account of enhanced software quality as well as documentation.

How We Help You?

At Adactin, we are immersed in offering best automation services which can proffer noteworthy ROI for our valued patrons. The services of our company consists of performance and functional automation. We have a wide experience of constructing automation frameworks on open source, a mixture of COTS and open source, Rational, segue and Mercury.


Advantages of our Automation Framework are:-

  • Easy keyword-driven framework
  • Lessened cycle duration for automation which results in automation cost reduction
  • Automation for the public, reduces the necessity of automation experts for preserving automation systems
  • Database driven personalized reporting for every stakeholder
  • Automated scheduling
  • Higher quality management