Sub-contract Resource

Sub-contract Resource

On Demand Software Testing – Why Adactin?

All the Software  Development approaches highly recommend the analysis of complete program right from its initiation to end. But in today’s fast paced economy, most of the business can’t wait longer for internal squads to organize comprehensive testing. The time and expenditure of utilizing your proficient team to analyze instead of design as well as develop can end up costing very little for your company.

Adactin is the first company to provide specialized testing services in Australia for the introduction of QA resources and on demand testing. These services are accessible to you any time of the single day. You are supposed to be charged only for testing which would amount a little expense from your side and also provide you time saving results.

We possess a pool of adept engineers who are rigorously trained in all facets related to Software Quality Assurance. This means that you can obtain the solutions of our on demand testing squad who leave no stone unturned to provide complete satisfaction to your testing requirements.

Do you require a Test Engineer for accomplishing your project?

The testers of our firm are available for our customers whenever they feel a need of getting our services. These services are designed to help the ones who want short-term testing solutions. Our skilled personnel are capable of accommodating the testing requirements of our customers on-demand, which clearly means that we can render all our services on an instant basis and for any time limit.

Our counselors can provide you the below mentioned delivery models:

  • Onsite Testing Services
  • Nearshore Testing Services
  • Packaged Testing Services

How can your firm avail profits from our On Demand Solutions?

Fast Turnaround – Adactin’s On-Demand services removes the time linked with test environment and ramp up. Everything is there at the right place at Adactin.
Low Cost – You are only charged for what you use and  whenever you utilize it.
Scalable – Innumerable testers can be connected any time.

How we can facilitate you with our on demand software analysis services:

  • You can avail validation, release management, reliable and consistent testing services on demand for a particular price.
  • You can benefit from a complete test lab which would save you cost on security, storage and on equipment.
  • Get one-stop solution for automating any functionality and save your time on Regression and Smoke tests.
  • Boost your performance by employing our skilled engineers who would explain you as to in what way your software is scalable and launch benchmarks for the excellence of performance.
  • You can save your costs associated with hiring as well as re-hiring and accountability for consultants.

If you like to get more information on our on demand software analysis services, then contact us today.