STaaS (Software Testing as a Service)

A New Way Of Thinking

Evolution of STaaS?


What is STaaS?

  • STaaS is also termed as on-demand testing e. asking for services whenever a need arises.
  • Software Testing as a Service (STaaS) is called as an outsourcing model through which testing actions are associated with the business activities of an organization and are done through a service provider & can be a mixture of Managed Services Model and Staff Augmentation.
  • STaaS may consist of engaging contractors or just outsourcing a testing area to service provider when required.
  • STaaS is most befitting for specialized testing attempts that don’t need a much in-depth knowledge of system or design.

How Adactin’s STaaS Model works?

  • At Adactin, we offer our patrons a scheduled time for any project which is termed as “tester days” and these limited number of days can be utilized by the customers for any assignment.
  • The customer can choose 50days, 100days, 150days or 200 tester days.
  • The accurate number of days needed, can be best discussed by the customer.
  • This helps in the reduction of Approval and Paperwork procedure as testing attempts can be priced against bulk PO

Advantages of STaaS

  • Use of limited expertise on infrastructure, tools and structured testing optimally.
  • Possess an international specialized test aptitude available.
  • Resources offered On-Demand
  • Reduction of overall Paperwork & approval process
  • Offer advance awareness into running time and costs.

The STaaS supplier takes complete accountability for test assignments, with plain commitments articulated in KPI’s on time to market,quality and cost level. A solution is accessible for portfolios, single applications and full projects.

STaaS offer cost optimization and drastic improvement in test operations flexibility,test deliverables, test results, test process and testing quality.