Specialized Testing

Specialized Testing Services

The Specialized Testing Services of our company Adactin is formulated to offer you a cutting edge in the fields of service virtualization, SaaS testing, ERP testing, SOA testing and also analysis for cloud migrations.

Core Specialized Testing Solutions abilities consist of:

ERP Testing

Adactin offers the solid base for effectual testing across Financials,Supply Chain Management, HR and Campus Solutions.We help in competency building, formation of reusable asset, frameworks and ready solutions in order to add high value to the patron from the first day of the engagement.

Service Oriented Architecture Testing (SOA)

Several firms are not fully aware of the advantages of SOA. Challenges consist of nimble nature of SOA, necessity for service responsibility and procedure for tool silos. The companies have been seeking beyond the traditional analysis methodologies as complete test coverage use a number of resources, and regularity might be compromised – which augments time-to-market.

Adactin’s proficiency in Middleware/SOA Testing split complex elements into more controllable elements. We utilize bottom-up testing and top-down testing with other testing tools of the industry just for the sake of enhancing the productivity and also minimizing the costs.

Legacy Appliance – Quality Optimization

Adactin has a pool of test analysts as well as field specialists in order to utilize a “testers” outlook to the application of legacy and also to comprehend the performance in terms of data requisites, checking points, usage scenarios, interfaces and desired output.

Localization / Globalization Testing

With several mergers and acquisitions take place, system globalization is much vital to help in work in synchronization. We confirm the eagerness for globalization as well as localization.

SAP Testing

A lot of factors coerce the firms to perform with the help of testing done to their IT systems such as distributed development scenarios, compliance mandates, complex security requisites and application difficulty. Insufficient analysis need the reconfiguration of the party of system or the whole system, the price of which is high. Unlike a customized application, SAP is called as a package of software with distinct analysis requirements from a user’s perception.


Adactin renders SAP testing solutions across SAP projects life-cycle-maintenance, production support, upgrade, implementation and rollout. The testing services of our firm are organized to meet the varied business requirements of our customers. Our testing professionals consist of testing practice, industry vertical field experts and SAP practice. We are well aware of the perfect practices which are based on innumerable client engagements,our expertise with innumerable technologies and our understanding of variety of business requisites. Our SAP proficiency covers set of products such as PI,SRM,BPC,CRM, BO, BW,ECC and others.

Cloud Testing/SaaS Application Testing 

Testing require the apposite environment and the best infrastructure to make sure application’s conformity to the cloud computing model expectations. Some of the indispensable key points the firms are attempting to address are as follows:-

  • Security
  • Data Integrity
  • Availability
  • Privacy
  • Interoperability

The companies consider Cloud testing best for the requirements of their business. The SaaS Application/Cloud Testing of Adactin assesses security, performance and functionality of infrastructure, services and cloud-based applications. We examine a number of layers such as software application, database, server performance and network connection. A cloud testing procedure also require change in the traditional analyzing cases in order to go with cloud environment.