Security Testing

Web Application Security Testing

Information possessions play a vital role in the growth of a business and help the business flourishing. Security infringement results in the devastation of a business thereby creating a larger impact in the form of losing its customers, a tarnished image of the business and higher costs of recovery and legal procedures. In this context, the want of documentation and also the large group of development teams spoil everything. This can lead to complex security glitches in applications.

Importance of Security Testing

Reports published by Gartner indicate that as much as 75% of all the breaches include security related problems in application software. As per NIST, 92% vulnerability exists in applications software. Current attacks on big tech companies indicate the failure of security approach of the companies. Every business owner yearns for a great improvement of the security infrastructure of his company, but it is not really an easy task.

How Can We Help?

At Adactin, we are focused on offering manual security and automated analysis as well as code evaluation to underline the vulnerabilities associated with security of software applications. All our security specialists have vast experience and the required certifications. They utilize perfect tools from IBM, Symantec and HP in order to run the processes of security analysis. We put emphasis in:

  • listing vulnerabilities and related perils
  • recognizing high risk regions calling for  instantaneous attention
  • recognizing requisites in order to develop security procedures and policies
  • Suggesting corrective improvements and countermeasures, involving best security procedures  as well as  re-design of the infrastructure


At Adactin, we render a varied range of penetration analysis and security analysis services that contains:

  • Web Application Penetration analysis
  • Mobile Application Penetration examination
  • Infrastructure Security evaluations
  • Physical Security validations
  • Voice Over IP Penetration analysis