Product Testing

Product Testing

In the current cutting throat competition age and the convergence of novel technologies, all software items have seen a fast paced advancement and speedy transformation. In this context, Software firms face challenges due to the fast product advancements and even faster the development of the products. Because of the ever-escalating assortment of the products which software companies possess, they are bound to be focused on efforts made for the developments of software products so as to stay in the competition. Completely realized this fact, Software firms are always in the search of a skilled and reliable testing partner who can proffer end-to-end product analysis services

Adactin Product Testing Services

Product analysis outsourcing with our firm promote competency and nimbleness while being in conformity to the demands and quality standards of the new patrons, geographies as well as markets. We are the best people to assist you to accelerate your market, curtail costs and also increase your quality with the help of our flexible platforms, revolutionary technologies and engagement models and with the alliance of analysis tools vendors.

Adactin has immense expertise in conducting both-globalization and localization analysis to make sure the relevance of the products to the exclusive requirements of local markets and new geographies. Our company has remained a vital part of several firms’ ecosystem to analyse their set of products making them contemplating on their core skills thereby making sustaining their competitive benefits.

Our services ensures the complete analysis of extremely intricate and ground-breaking products for finer product quality as our company:

  • Follows the best practices of the industry and established methods to ensure quantifiable, result -oriented services
  • Leverage our international delivery system to offer you offsite,onsite and near coast analysis services
  • Have proficiency in a wide assortment of industry leading analyzing tools such as Bugzilla, Microsoft HCT Test Suite, Rational Robot, Silk Test QA Run, QTP, WinRunner, WebLoad, Load Runner, e-Load,E-Tester,Test Director,QA Load, Rational Performance Tester and QTPclear Quest.
  • Have coalition with reputed tool merchants and technology podiums to provide high value to trade as well as cost savings

Approach in Product Testing

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