Onsite Delivery

Onsite Delivery Model

In the model of Onsite(Hybrid) Delivery, the outsourcing task is spread between onsite center of service providers as well as offshore development center and the client gains the benefit of both the forms of outsourcing models. It is one of the popular and successful outsourcing models hired today by a number of companies. The work distribution solely depends on the form of project. Generally 20-30% of the task is performed by onsite center and the other things are accomplished by offshore development center.


Generally, the works done at the onsite center consists of:

  • Collecting preliminary knowledge about the project via direct communication with the client.
  • Getting knowledge of the specifications/requirements clearly.
  • initial and planning designing as in what way the project will go.
  • Communicate directly with the patrons to provide accommodation for any alterations, if there are any, to reduce/eradicate last minute modifications.
  • Implementation/Execution of the project in accord with the expectations of client and ensure that the patron is completely satisfied with the final results.
  • Dealing with the customers and organizing partnership.
  • Execution/Implementation of the project in accordance with client expectations and making sure that the client is fully satisfied with the end results.
  • Dealing with the client and managing partnership.