Near-shore Delivery

Near-shore Delivery

“…58% of companies said they were less of a believer in the idea that working with [offshore] IT outsourcers delivers value for their company and its shareholders.”

– InformationWeek

“Numerous surveys indicate that [upwards of] 53 percent of customers have not realized business value/return on investment from offshore outsourcing.”

– CFO Magazine

Your Challenge

Your team is enhancing an architecture or application which will offer a competitive benefit for your company. But you recognize that the core skills of your team do not rotate around software testing and quality and for this, you require outsourcing this effort. There is an abundant options of companies that outsource, however an innumerable horror stories are connected on disastrous outsourced projects. What is your preference?

Our Solution

We have commenced nearshore program making best use of Australian engineers who work on the projects of the clients from the locations of our company within Australia.

The proficient engineers of our firm proffer fantastic quality at rock bottom prices – without any risk related with offshore outsourcing like lessened quality, time zone, language, cultural and inferior infrastructure issues.

Our adept engineers can go client-sites for the transfer of knowledge, strategy as well as near shore deliver solutions at no any extra price, whenever a necessity arises.

The competitively-priced option to usual offshore outsourcing offers wonderful savings – real Return on Investment – due to the greater production per dollar as compared to offshoring.

What’s Involved?

The lead of Adactin Team has gained an ultimate expertise level in the implementation of the test process for manual and automated testing, and can handle all the glitches associated with test artifacts, architecture, interfacing with the team, organizing the engineers and the deliverance of success.

The test engineers of our firm, who are very proficient in test management as well as test procedures, utilize either automated analysis tools or implement test cases in a manual manner and also track the practices in test management as well as tools of defect tracking of your liking.

Forms of Testing Supported

  • Manual regression analysis
  • Automated regression analysis
  • Load/Performance testing
  • Application security testing

How will it support my project?

Expert skill set
We are the most renowned IT services providers who are specialized in automated and manual functional assessment, security testing, data warehouse analysis and performance testing. All the employees of our firm have science degrees from well recognized colleges with tool certifications.

Same time zone
Australian engineers greatly help your squad. No place for time zone problems.

Training Support
Our expert trainers can instruct your personnel if you come to a decision to carry out the testing task back in-house.

Competitive pricing
Our cost model is the best substitute to offshore model – which offers real ROI – because of much better efficiency per dollar in comparison to offshoring.

Why send testing professions overseas for lower quality task (along with rest of the problems) when Adactin renders first-rate quality at reasonable prices?