Mobile Testing

Mobile Website & Application Testing

Nowadays, Mobile technology is all-encompassing and the customers need faultless performance- no matter at whatever location they are wandering to. However analyzing mobile technology poses a number of distinct tribulations such as incessant yet minimum usage patterns, limited degree of memory as well as screen sizes, device disintegration and a speedy rate of novelty. Adactin’s mobile app analysis handle these challenges effectually. This is the sole reason why we are highly preferred by numerous top mobile companies as they have an unwavering faith in our services. We, also, at our company ensure to help them making their mobile apps, mobile devices and network service safe to use.

Why Mobile Testing is Done?

With the growth of mobility, great need of mobile testing is felt. Consumers can smoothly switch to other mobile applications and are not ready to digest the functional loopholes, device compatibility and poor performance troubles.

According to the research of World Quality Report 2013-14, a large number of firms are unable to handle the scope and the intricacy involved with testing and with a number of services, devices and mobile platforms. Even the organizations well equipped with solid testing base also might face challenges associated with mobile testing which includes:-

  • Platform disintegration
  • Physical distinctiveness of a Mobile device
  • Performance
  • User Experience
  • Controlling app allocation
  • System integration
  • Security

How can we provide help?

Adactin proffers five services pertaining to mobile testing which are:

  • Mobile Functional Analysis
  • Mobile Compatibility Examination
  • Mobile Usability Investigation
  • Mobile Performance Analysis
  • Mobile Security Examination


The  services of our company  offers  a robust foundation for  the purpose of structured mobile analysis which is  based on the following rudiments:

  • business-driven test management (BDTM) model
  • structured analysis procedure and lifecycle model
  • Employing the whole toolbox
  • To offer an adaptive test technique