Functional and Integration Testing

Functional and Integration Testing

Functional testing as the name suggests, is an activity, carried out to analyse as to how your software, website, hardware or internal application performs its mandatory functions and is also indispensable for validating the quality of the software. This form of testing is focused on examining a number of things such as data manipulation, user commands, integrations, business processes, searches and user screens. Verifying a web site or an application in this mode, establishes the relevancy to its specifications & also the accurate performance of the required functions. Execution of this testing includes a group of tests done to check the behavior of the products on the basis of their features, by way of using extensive range of normal and erroneous data input. It also consists of analyzing the security, network, installation, APIs, user interface and database of a product. Carrying out a functional testing at the level of user interface is imperative as it can unfold a lot of imperfections which are not easily detectable while executing an assessment of source code. During this testing, top priority is given to examine the applicability of the application instead of intricacies of the internal functions of the application. Irrespective of underlying code’s quality, if non-operation of user interface is there, the result leads to the inefficiency and frustrating experience on the part of the user.

Best Functional Testing Traits and Requisites

  • Always Be flexible so that switching tasks dynamically becomes easier for the team members  just to adjust to the change in requirements.
  • It is the best to make a ranking so as to give priority to the test cases.
  • Sustain traceability during bugs, test cases and requirements
  • Deal with main business flow

How We May Assist You?

Adactin possess high proficiency in rendering manual functional analysing service on a number of software applications across E-learning domains, Energy, Telecom, Healthcare, BFSI and Retail and Logistics and specialized services in Datacenter, Mobility,SOA and security. Some of the services we render are as below:-

  • Testing of Clients Server Application
  • Testing of Web application
  • Test Plan Preparation and Test Strategy
  • Desktop Application Testing
  • Preparation of test cases by way of testing techniques such as Boundary value analysis, Error guessing, Cause effect graphing and Equivalence Partition
  • Execution of Manual functional test
  • Defect management and tracking
  • Mobile Testing
  • Regression Testing