BI and Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence is a process to analyse the data and present litigable knowledge to facilitate business managers, end users and corporate executives to come up with the important business decisions. BI consists of several tools , methods and applications which makes firms to gather date from external sources as well as internal systems, make it for the purpose of analysis, enhance and run queries for data, and make reports, data visualizations and dashboards to create the logical results for corporate decision builders and operational workforce.

The latent advantages driving from business intelligence systems consist of hastening and developing decision making; amending internal business procedures; augmenting operational competence; exploring new revenues; and attaining competitive benefits over business competitors. BI systems can facilitate the firms recognizing current market tendencies as well as spot business issues which are required to be taken care of .

At our company, we proffer a broad array of business intelligence execution services – encircling complete aspects of data administration, reporting, analytics and data warehousing – to make sure that our clients gain maximized revenues out of their investments in business intelligence.

The Business Intelligence Implementation systems of Adactin covers the whole array of BI ranging from analytics, reporting and data management.

Our Exclusive BI Implementation Services Consists of:

  • Package implementation as well as BI Platforms
  • Data Mart creation and Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Cleansing & Data Profiling
  • Balanced Scorecards

Our assortment of implementation services planned to furnish varied or generalized client requirements consist of:

  • Bringing in real business worth with small implementation cycles by rapid start & Proof- Of-Concept implementations.
  • Complete life cycle implementation attained through the employment offered by our squad and taking the possession of the project execution.
  • Real Solutions via mentored implementation projects
  • Technology deployment services, by focusing build out, infrastructure & systems integration.

Our comprehensive approach determines a client’s requirements via a exhaustive requirement examination and design phase.


Data Warehousing

A successful Business Analysis project calls for robust data warehouse blueprint and structural design as a base. Every robust data warehouse need an easy-to-sustain Extraction, methodically designed, Load(ETL) and transformation processes. By using our exhaustive knowledge related to ETL techniques, we implement hands-on proficiency with the ETL tools which are highly recommended to construct and architect data warehouse system. Adactin has a wide recognition in data warehousing and ETL design and this helps it reducing the time of ETL development and making the process of ETL translucent to business and IT users.

At Adactin we are always there to provide you required support for your complete project right from inception to end. With our immense experience in this field, we have got seasoned expertise in all the stages of development lifecycle which consists of :


  • Project planning, management and organization
  • Working to collect business necessities, form data models on the basis of these necessities and creating BI functionality to cater to these needs.
  • Designing and Executing BI and DW architecture
  • Creating databases as well as data models to execute these models
  • incorporating data from applications like ERP,Web,SCM and CRM
  • Selection and utilization of Transform & Load (ETL) and Extract tools to occupy the compulsory databases
  • choice and utilization of On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Business Intelligence(BI) tools to supply the indispensable business functionality